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Prestige 1193 – 1183




  • Key : Bb
  • Pitch : 440/442 Hz
  • Body : Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Natural African blackwood
  • Neck : Two-pieces adjustable
  • Bell : Silver plated German silver
  • Tenons : Metal-capped
  • Features : Bell section resonance vent, Eb/Ab lever, range down to C, the low D keys, double register mechanism
  • Thumb rest : Adjustable
  • Keywork finish : Silver plated
  • Springs : Blue steel springs for ease and accuracy of key movement
  • Pads : Leather and cork
  • Options :
  • BC1193-2 : Natural African blackwood body
  • BC1193G-2 : Green LinE body
  • BC1183-2 : Natural African blackwood body, range to low Eb, forged keys, copper plated then silver
  • BC1183G-2 : Green LinE body, range to low Eb, forged keys, copper plated then silver
  • BC1183R-2 : Natural African blackwood body, Low G resonance, down to low D or low C (with the extension), forged keys, copper plated then silver
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