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Légende Hybrid

Featuring a Green LinE upper joint, grenadilla lower joint and bell, and a completely reworked bore.

The Légende Hybrid oboe’s combination of materials makes it possible to develop a more complete instrument, provided the acoustics of the oboe are developed around this “hybrid” structure. The security and projection of the Green LinE is subtly balanced by the warm tone quality of the wood.

Therefore, the Légende Hybrid provides real stability from one room to another, from one season to another, from one reed to another… allowing the musician to gain freedom and comfort in their expression.

Further, the Légende Hybrid produces a particularly warm sound from the grenadilla lower joint and bell, while its Green LinE upper joint provides additional projection, making it the ideal instrument in the orchestra, as well as for solo repertoire.

The Légende Hybrid oboe: An instrument full of energy and charm, allowing the musician to push the boundaries of oboe design, performance and expression!


  • Stability and security of the Green LinE material

  • Warmth and projection

  • Easy to play in all registers

  • Stable and responsive second octave

  • Warm and homogeneous half hole

  • Perfectly positioned G into the scale

  • Large harmonic richness

Technical specifications

  • Key : C
  • Pitch : 440/443 Hz
  • Body : Upper joint in Green LinE, Lower joint and bell in Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), New bore, Tenon caps for upper and lower joints
  • Pads : Cork, GT waterproof and breathable: lower note key cups
  • Keywork : Full Conservatory system – semi-automatic, Third octave key, Highly durable keywork, nickel silver, silver plated, Pink gold-plated posts, rings and reed receiver, New adjustable thumb rest
  • Accessories : High Tech metallic grey and black leather case. "Made in France" thermoformed shell. Triple skin composite with full airex / PVC foam core. Lightweight, excellent impact resistance, isothermal. "Made in France" leather case cover and fleece lining.
  • Option : Gold-plated keywork
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