ICON bells for Bb and A clarinets:

  • silver plated
  • grenadilla wood
  • highly centered sound
  • facilitates tones production
  • particularely fluid in upper register
  • rich and powerful low notes.

ICON bell for Bb and A clarinets:

  • silver plated.

ICON bell for Bb and A clarinets:

  • gold plated.

ICON bell for Bb and A clarinets:

  • nickel plated.

The division of the Virtuose joints results in an autonomous bell that carries no key nor resonance. It becomes particularly easy to switch the bell thanks to its small dimensions, and each of its versions provides a different sound quality and playing sensation. The oboe player is thereby free to personalize the instrument according to context and needs.

The Virtuose oboe is provided with two grenadilla bells with different internal shapes. Buffet Crampon regularly develops new bells made of different woods and shapes so as to multiply the acoustic possibilities. The bells can each be bought individually.

Delivered in a protective pouch.

Bell for Virtuose oboe

Boxwood: woody and slightly drier, this bell brings you back to the comforting basics of baroque oboe.

Bell for Virtuose oboe

Mopane: with its rich and homogenenous sound, this bell highlights the singing tones of the Virtuose oboe.

Bell for Virtuose oboe

Green LinE: this bell is dedicated to all the lovers of the Green LinE acoustic identity, who will be delighted with its projection power.

Bell for Virtuose oboe

Thickened maple: a round, soft sound for this wood borrowed from the German bassoon.

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