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International Jazz Soloist

«A star, basically» Ben Ratlff, New York Times

Born in Oslo, Norway, Felix was introduced to music through the local marching band at the age of eight. After discovering his love and passion for music, Felix received a Benny Goodman recording from his grandfather, sparking a burst of what would become a life long dedication and devotion to the American art form, Jazz.

Despite his young age, Felix has been granted numerous awards and distinctions for his dedication and contribution to the clarinet and music, including a full tuition scholarship to the prestigious institution Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with a Bachelor in Music Performance (2012). After moving to New York, Felix has collaborated and performed with notable artists such as Wayne Shorter, Danilo Perez, Joe Lovano, Ralph Peterson jr., and Marcus Miller, whom the latter was featured on Felix’ critically acclaimed debut album “Royal Flush” (2014).

Having performed at famous venues like the Blue Note, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, as well as headlining festivals, and concert appearances worldwide as a bandleader, Felix is on a constant mission to spread joy and inspiration through his music. Felix has hosted numerous charitable performances in collaboration with UNICEF, and serves as an ambassador for ‘Playing for a Future’ bringing music education and instruments to children in impoverished regions of the world.

«This is not the future of Jazz, this is the present» Paquito D’rivera (Grammy award winning artist).

Felix Peikli is a Vandoren USA & Paris endorsing Artist, Buffet Crampon USA & Europe endorsing Artist, KHS Hercules endorsing Artist, Applied Microphone Technology endorsing Artist, and is endorsed by ETLA© Sunglasses and Eyewear.

It's showtime(2016)

I have enjoyed playing with my group «Felix Peikli Quintet» on the road over the last years performing original material for audiences worldwide with great success. Royal Flush is an extension and continuation of this success story, by broadening the horizon of Jazz to include vocals, synths, acoustic guitar, flute, percussion, and more. The core of the album is the Quintet. The musicians in the Quintet are all amazing and truly talented artists on their own and, in addition, some of my best friends. Together as friends we have such a strong connection - that, combined with our youth, burning energy and talent, results in a group sound that is unique. To me, these guys are truly nonpareil, just like the poker hand Royal Flush - composed of five cards, each irreplaceable and essential, but unbeatable when together.

It is when I reach the milestones in my life that I take a moment to reflect upon the past and wonder “How did I, a young clarinetist from Oslo, Norway, find myself in New York City, performing for audiences throughout the world?”. That is when I remind myself that the ongoing journey that I have embarked on is not all just thanks to my own efforts. Royal Flush is not a result of my prowess as an artist, but an inevitable outcome of all the incredible and inspiring people I have been so fortunate to meet in my life that have provided constant support, and believed in my music and me.

The making of Royal Flush has been a journey involving so many amazing and incredibly talented artists who worked tirelessly because they believed in our mission for success. I am truly thankful and deeply moved by all the love and support I have received throughout my life, and I will continue to honor that by using the opportunities I have been given to spread happiness and joy through my music.

A sincere ‘Thank You’ goes out to the Quintet, Marcus Miller, Lee Hogans, Luis Bacque, the entire “Royal Flush” crew, Buffet Group USA, Vandoren USA, my mentors Ralph Peterson Jr. and Harry Skoler, all of my supporters, fans, friends, family, and at last, to my beloved mother Une and grandfather Terje to whom this album is dedicated. I give you Royal Flush. Go All In.

- Felix Peikli

Royal Flush(2014)
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