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Paula Corley

Clarinet Professor, Texas Lutheran University

Paula Corley is known for her expertise in teaching clarinetists of all ages. Her research and extensive experience in secondary schools led to the publishing two books for the developing clarinetist – So You Want To Play The Clarinet (a complete first year method) and Daily Workouts (exercises for the pre-college clarinetist).

Paula has been featured at more than 45 music symposiums and educator conferences across the USA. Her articles on clarinet pedagogy can be found at – the importer of Vandoren products in the USA. Paula’s concept of teaching embouchure was published in THE INSTRUMENTALIST magazine, and her website, features a question and answer forum for teachers and students as well as videos, recordings, and articles. Paula has been an artist for Buffet Crampon since 2002 and Vandoren since 2006. Currently, Paula serves as clarinet professor at Texas Lutheran University.

Paula is a graduate of Mississippi State University and Southern Methodist University. In 2013 she was named Alumnus of the Year for Mississippi State Department of Music. She has two commissions for clarinet: Unfamiliar Territory for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble by Michael Markowski and Road Trip – 3 Diversions for 5 Clarinets by Clifton Jones.

For information on her books, free videos and materials, and to hear her recordings, please visit

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