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Hernán Darío GUTIERREZ

Founding member of the Colombian Clarinet Quartet

A Buffet-Crampon artist. Mr. Gutierrez began his studies at the Music Conservatory of Tolima. He holds a degree in Music from the University of Caldas where he has worked as a clarinet professor since 1990. He obtained a Clarinet Performer Degree from the Simón Bolívar Conservatory in Venezuela under the tutelage of Maestro Valdemar Rodríguez. His Master of Music degree with emphasis on Instrumental Performance – Clarinet at the Simón Bolívar University (Venezuela), was under the tutelage of Maestro Luis Rossi.

Mr. Gutierrez has been invited to direct clarinet ensembles in the Festival of Young Clarinetists of Venezuela, the International Clarinet Festival of Guatemala, the International Clarinet Festival of Costa Rica, the International Clarinet and Saxophone Festival of Bolivia, the Latin American Academy of Clarinet in Portugal, the First International Clarinet Festival of Uruguay and the International Meeting of Musical Interpretation in Mexico.

As soloist, he has performed in Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Uruguay, Portugal, playing pieces accompanied by big bands, symphonic orchestras, symphonic bands as well as clarinet and saxophones ensembles.

Mr. Gutierrez is a founding member of the Colombian Clarinet Quartet, with which he has been permanently active since 2007.

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