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Orfeo is the result of a collaboration between the Buffet Crampon Research and Development team and a group comprising testers, masters and soloists from renowned international orchestras.

It is the fruit of labor of a distinguished team, demanding five years of research to attain the level of excellence that is rare in instrument making.

Its entire register creates a sensation of excitement with incomparable low tones, consistent over the whole range, and a wonderfully easy flow.

Orfeo unites modern materials of utmost reliability with the handcrafted, traditional quality of its manufacture. Without question, the Green LinE material has been used to its maximum technical capacities.

With its unembellished body contours and black tip rings, Orfeo emanates elegance and displays its unique and contemporary personality.

This new instrument joins the Prestige models in the professional range of oboes.

Orfeo marks a major achievement in the Buffet Crampon brand’s history as much on a human as a technological level. It is a true reflection of the alliance between the heritage of French instrument making, the close relationship between Buffet Crampon and great musicians from all over the world, and state of the art technology to the benefit of all. Orfeo distinguishes itself as much in the orchestra as in chamber music.


  • C Oboe
  • Green LinE body
  • Technical

    • Key : C
    • Pitch : 440/443 Hz
    • Body : Dalbergia Melanoxylon composite, Green LinE
    • Tenons : Caps, metal-lined
    • Rings : Black tip
    • System : Conservatoire
    • Octave keys : 3, semi-automatic, left hand F lever
    • Keywork finish : Silver-plated nickel silver
    • Keywork and mecanic : Highly reliable
    • Thumb rest : Adjustable
    • Pads : Cork/GT (bottom notes)
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